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Wild Bill Hickok vs Dave Tutt

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Andy Thomas graphically depicts the Public Square as it was at the time, based upon contemporary sketches, photographs and descriptions. Since the fight took place at about 6 pm on a hot July day, Hickok was probably dressed as shown- in shirtsleeves. He carries his Colt’s Navy pistols worn butts forward in the manner of time, which allowed him to use the reverse plains draw, or a cross draw. One can almost hear the creak of wagons’ iron rims, muffled hoof beats and the muted sound of people going about their business before the thunder of pistols halted all sound and movement for one brief moment before a crowd gathered.

Story by Joe Rosa will accompany the print. 

Joseph G. Rosa is the author of three books on Hickok-They Call Him Wild Bill;
The West of Wild Bill Hickok and Wild Bill Hickok; The Man and His Myth which tell the story of the real James Butler Hickok, his legend and his place in Western History. He has also written other books on the West and firearms of the period. Formerly President of Westerners International, he is current President of the English Westerners’ Society.

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Product Reviews

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History comes to life
Fernando Hernandez (Kissimmee, FL) 5/31/2015 3:17 PM
I have several old west Prints by artist like Frank McCarthy and Adams the Native American Master, but this depiction of Wild bill is My favorite.

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