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These images by Andy Thomas are offered to you for usage, with our permission. Do you need an image for an upcoming book, article, movie set or other advertising? Andy has told many stories, so I may have what you are looking for. Fill in the form on the bottom of the page with the image that you wish to obtain permission and you will receive additional information. 

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Have you seen any of Andy's work in the following?


TV SHOW: True Blues was used as a clue on an episode of Jeopardy!
MOVIE: Grand Ol' Gang is hanging on the wall in the Halloween 2 movie
NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE: Reagan as set dressing for Mendoza's office on the show House of Cards.
DVD: Route 66; Missouri's Mother Road
DVD: Max Fleischer's Superman 1941-1942
VIDEO: United States Federal Court of Federal Claims History
FILM: Birth of a Legend - Billy the Kid and The Lincoln County War on DVD; 7 Western images!
MOVIE: Strawdogs has 3 reproductions hanging on the wall.
DOCUMENTARY: American Ride, Season 4 - Wild Bill Hickok vs Dave Tutt Documentary.
FILM: Holding the Outer Lines (Fort Donelson) -- Film shown at Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center


Wild Bill Hickok Gunfighter by Joseph G. Rosa
Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story by Paul R. Petersen
Dillinger, The Hidden Truth by Tony Stewart
Jim Bridger; Trapper, Trader & Guide; Shelby and his Men at Westport
Fields of Blood; The Prairie Grove Campaign by Willian Shea
Murder and Mayhem in Missouri by Larry Wood

Rancho Bravo eBook series by Thorne Douglas - 5 western images!

Ash Colter eBook series by Ben Bridges - 3 western images!

On the Battery & Confederate Sunset Book, Native Americans in the Civil War
Social Studies Grade 5 Book (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Publishers) -- The Guns of Vickburg

Articles/Cover Art:

Antique Spectacles - Teddy Roosevelt & Ben Franklin's eyeglasses in the image American Storytellers
Alamosa Round-Up used Bucking Bronc on the front of their poster
"...Bayonet or Retreat" - The Battle of Prairie Grove Article in the NY Times by Phil Leigh Dec. 7, 2012
Wild Bill Hickok vs Dave Tutt Cover Art; Wild West Magazine, Sept. 2012 edition
Texas Military Forces Museum; 5 Civil War images -- Exhibit panel art
The Battle of Mine Creek; Mine Creek Battlefield Interpretive Trail Exhibit panels

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