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What does AP mean?

AP or Artist Proofs go back to the days of hand made presses. The artist would ultimately crank the crank, print the print and check the colors. If they didn't like the red, they changed it; they made these adjustments until the print was to their liking. They were truly proofs. Today, it is just a tradition, since technology has made huge changes in the printing industry. 

AP's are limited edition and only make up about 10%-15% of the signed and numbered (S/N) edition of that same image and size. If 350 prints are made S/N in a specific size, then only 35 AP prints are made in that same size. Each artist proof is numbered similar to this 20/35AP and signed as well.
What does S/N mean?

S/N refers to Signed and Numbered prints, which means exactly that -- they're signed and they're numbered. Each reproduction that is S/N is limited in edition. Each S/N reproduction will look similar to this 20/300 and signed.

Should I purchase an AP or S/N print?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Some collectors feel as though an AP print will be more valuable in the long run, since not many are made, compared to, S/N editions. While that could be true, it all depends on the market at the time.

Is there a difference in quality between S/N and AP prints?

No, the quality is exactly the same, created from the same image, same paper and same inks. The only difference is the limited quantity of prints with the AP designation.

What is a Giclee print?

A Giclee is the printing process used for reproducing a print. Giclee's are individually produced on a special large format printer from a digital scan of existing artwork. They contain bright colors, crisp detail and a high-resolution display.

What is Timeless Edition?

These prints are of an edition, which are signed and sequentially numbered reproductions. They are not limited edition prints, but are numbered in the order they are produced. Every print will have a different number from each other. They are the same quality as limited edition prints. Example #24    #25    #26

What is a Large Format Canvas Giclee?

A Large Format Canvas Giclee is something we offer to those that have large spaces that need to be filled. Ultimately, they are special orders reproduced larger than what is offered on the site. They would be by-quote only depending on the size of the reproduction you would like. Any of the images on the site can be made to order and some can be reproduced up to 50" high. They are the same quality as what is offered on the site and one of a kind. If you are interested in a quote, you can email

What is Stretched and What is Rolled Canvas?

Stretching is the process of taking a Rolled Canvas and stretching it over a stretcher bar, thin wooden rails, in which the canvas is then stapled to. The Canvas is then ready to be framed.

A Rolled Canvas is a canvas before it has been stretched. It ships in a tube, rolled up and would need to be stretched prior to framing.

What are the benefits of a Stretched Canvas?

Stretched Canvases are ready to be hung, no extra work is required, other than choosing your frame of choice. If you were to buy a Rolled Canvas and have it stretched by a third party or yourself, you have a higher risk of damage, such as the paint cracking during the stretching process.

What are the benefits of a Rolled Canvas?

Rolled Canvas are priced less than stretched canvas, but keep in mind they do need to be stretched to be framed. It is advisable against to have a professional framer stretch the canvas when they are making your frame. If a print is larger than 24x36, it is automatically shipped Rolled, due to high costs of shipping. It is also much safer to ship anything larger than 24x36 rolled.

Do your prints come framed?

The only prints we offer framed are some of the Civil War prints. If it is not listed in the pull down menu next to the product, then it doesn't come framed. Most of the artwork you would need to supply your own frame.

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