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Big Nose George

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The Strange but True Story of Big Nose George

Big Nose George Parrot was an outlaw in Wyoming and Montana in the 1870's. In 1880, he was arrested and sent to Wyoming to stand trial for murder. Along the way, he was snatched by an enraged mob intent on lynching him. He convinced them to forego the lynching if he would tell all he knew about the murders. George stood trial and was sentenced to hang. His botched escape attempt injured the jailer and enraged a new group of vigilantes who did string George up. The rope broke. With a new rope in hand, they strung him up again and Big Nose died a slow death.

But that's not all. A local doctor, John Eugene Osborne, was given the body to study the brain and cranium for traits of criminality. Osborne had a pair of shoes made from George's skin (Yikes!) Osborne may or may not have worn the shoes for his inauguration as Wyoming's first Governor.

January 2014

Andy Thomas

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