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March 16-18, 2017
Great Falls, MT

The Battle of Beecher Island
30" x 40" oil on linen (Lot #522)

The fight took place in September, 1868  in Northeast Colorado between a special U.S. Army fighting force of fifty frontiersmen and Cheyenne, Sioux and Arapaho worriers, numbering 300-400.

     When Major Forsyth, commander of the frontiersmen, saw the size of the Indian force he ordered his men to dig in on an island in the mostly dry Arikaree River. Hiding behind dead horses and modest sand banks, they withstood repeated, headlong charges and sniping for several days.

     This painting depicts an afternoon charge from the East on the first day.  The famous Cheyenne Roman Nose probably led this charge.

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The Battle of Beecher Island
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