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True West Magazine - Articles Coming Soon!
Andy is doing a series of illustrations for True West Magazine! The illustrations will give you a wonderful image of the story as it is written by the author. Check out True West Magazine to see the last two stories. Thank you Bob Boze Bell for asking him to do this wonderful and educational project!
Look for: Survival on the Green River and The Captivity of Fanny Kelly.

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New Notecards have been added to the site!! 
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Andy's Newest Reproductions

March in Montana
Crow Thunder

We are proud to announce, Andy's painting Crow Thunder, was the highest selling piece in the 2014 March in Montana Auction!

Booth Western Art Museum
Wild Days

This 12"x9" painting of Andy's sold for $14,000. Thank you to everyone who bid on this piece and made the night of fund-raising a successful for the museum.

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Gilcrease Museum
April 17 - July 12, 2015
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